What do y'all think of my new French Toast recipe?

Answer Don't forget the nuts. I love nuts in my French Toast. Other than that, I'd have to say the you have quite the discerning palate. And you know, maybe Verlene just likes some coffee in her cream,... Read More »

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Can anyone explain why my French Toast recipe don’t taste right any more?

I really miss that Verlene. Maybe it doesn't taste right because I've been too busy to shower. I'll get my soap on a rope later tonight and give you call.

Which French Toast recipe should I make for the Nolte's welcome back party?

There has to be coffee dammit. HAS to be! Do you hear me!?

French Toast Plain With Bacon Sausage Ham Eggs Which do you like better with your French Toast?

Yummy...mmmmm..good idea....Sausage, maple flavoured...oh what the hey...bacon too....Want em to cook us some...come on over ...Breakfast with me ...Mr. SA, would you likemilk withthat...Oh no...Mi... Read More »

Are French fries and French toast really from France?

French Fries ( according to the Food Network ) were brought here from France,, By Thomas Jefferson. Yes, That Thomas Jefferson,President #3.French Toast was a way to use bread that was not quite fr... Read More »