What do ya do when there is no work at your work place...?

Answer LOlzzz...I'm quite sure you have run out of ideas that's why you came here to find some innovative ones :D:D:DWe have all kinds of games going on e.g. Tic Tac Toe, Some word puzzles, sudoku and som... Read More »

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How do you collect disability when your work place doesn't provide it and you are out of work for 4 to 6 weeks due to heart surgery?

Answer Try State Disability Insurance. It's Mandatory that all employees be enrolled.You can find a link to California's Site from

How to Separate Work from Your Personal Life when You Work at Home?

Working at home can be fun,but can also be separating you from your personal life. This is frustrating but you can get through it.

Do Georgia employers pay into the social security disability for employees who have been injured out of the work place and will be off of work for 60-90 days?

Answer Social Security Disability requires that you be disabled for a year and that it be a permanent disability and that you cannot do ANY job in the American Economy.

When did Howard Florey's discoveries or work take place?

Sir Howard Florey, an Australian scientist, began his career in the 1920s. He is most famous for work he began in 1938, when he first collaborated with fellow scientist Ernst Chain. They worked wit... Read More »