What do women wear in Iraq?

Answer Women in Iraq cover their bodies nearly entirely, especially when leaving home. The country's culture requires this type of dress in the belief that it protects women and discourages men from havin... Read More »

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Will fat women admit: fat women attack women that are fit,show skin and wear short skirts and are attractive?

Rights of Women in Iraq?

Middle Eastern culture is tied to the Muslim religion in many peoples' minds. The Muslim religion, also in many opinions, is linked to a lack of rights for women. In spite of Iraq's mostly Muslim p... Read More »

Why do you think men think women who wear bikinis sexy but women don't think so about men who wear speedos?

Because men were made visual and women are not. Women are relational, so nice guys are attractive to us (and their looks, too, but it's not based primarily off of that)

If women lactated out their fingers, would all women have to wear gloves?

Probably.The bright side is having octuplets wouldn't be as draining.What about noses. Then having a big nose would be desirable. Can you imagine. Nose enlargement surgery.Seems rather silly, bu... Read More »