What do wild macaw birds eat?

Answer A wild macaw's diet includes ripe and unripe fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, plant stems and leaves. Snails and insects provide them with protein. Macaws also ingest the clay soil of cliffs and river... Read More »

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How do birds survive in the wild?

Birds are found on all the world's continents and come in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes, colors and dispositions. Like all other plants and animals, their main occupation is the business of sur... Read More »

Do wild birds eat wheat?

There are several wild birds that eat wheat. Mourning doves and sparrows are among them. Most birds shy away from wheat because it is not visually appealing to them and birds tend to choose their... Read More »

How to Paint Wild Birds?

Bird's aren't the easiest subjects to paint. They often have complex feather arrangements and designs that are difficult to reproduce accurately. However, like any other subject, breaking down the ... Read More »

Wild Birds of Kansas?

According to the Kansas Birds Records Committee of the Kansas Ornithological Society, 440 bird species have been documented in Kansas. Some of these species have been reported by bird watchers fewe... Read More »