What do wild donkeys eat?

Answer The African wild ass is the closest living relative to the domesticated donkey, as well as being the donkey's ancestor. African wild asses are herbivores, and their diet is composed mostly of grass... Read More »

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Where do wild donkeys live?

Modern donkeys originated in the deserts of North Africa, where the rare African Wild Ass can still sometimes be found. Today, wild donkeys typically live in hot, dry grasslands, but can also survi... Read More »

What do miniature donkeys eat?

The miniature donkey primarily eats grass and other natural fibers when it is out grazing during the spring, summer and fall. During this time and during winter months, a miniature donkey's diet s... Read More »

What are male donkeys called?

The donkey is a smaller member of the horse family. The males of the species are known as a jack or a jackass, while jenny is the name sometimes given to a female donkey.Source:Donkey Reproduction

What are baby donkeys called?

Baby donkeys can either be called colts or foals. These are the same names used to refer to baby horses and baby zebras. Baby mules also can be called foals.Source:Enchanted Learning: Names of Male... Read More »