What do wild birds like eating?

Answer Birds are some of the most prominent wild animals. Many different kinds of wild birds live in every part of the world, and while they all enjoy eating different things, there are few foods that mos... Read More »

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Different Types of Wild Birds?

The different types of wild birds that occur throughout the North American continent display great diversity in their diets, habitats and behaviors. Some are skilled predators, able to kill easily ... Read More »

How to Look for Wild Birds in Kentucky?

Bird watching, or birding, is a relaxing pastime that combines outdoor activity with the allure of a treasure hunt. For bird watchers in Kentucky, state and national parks and their own backyards p... Read More »

How to Catch Wild Birds?

Capturing a wild bird is a delicate endeavor. You must be certain not to harm the bird or its feathers. There are cases where the welfare of the bird depends upon its capture. For instance, the bir... Read More »

How to Paint Wild Birds?

Bird's aren't the easiest subjects to paint. They often have complex feather arrangements and designs that are difficult to reproduce accurately. However, like any other subject, breaking down the ... Read More »