What do white spots on a bone scan indicate?

Answer White spots on a bone scan, also called cold spots, are evidence of abnormal bone metabolism, according to the Mayo Clinic. These tests do not detect the cause of the bone abnormalities.Possibiliti... Read More »

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What do white spots on the brain indicate on an mri?

One of the most useful instruments used in modern medicine is the magnetic resonance imaging machine, or MRI. An MRI scan of your brain will generally show each layer in shades of gray, but occasio... Read More »

Had bone scan which showed hot spots on my left elbow joint was replaced 18 years ago?

A bone scan is a test to help find the cause of your back pain. It can be done to find damage to the bones, find cancer that has spread to the bones, and watch problems such as infection and trauma... Read More »

What is the difference between a cat scan&a bone scan?

CAT, or CT, scans and bone scans are both imaging procedures doctors use to diagnose health problems. The two x-ray procedures can be used to diagnose slightly different problems.TechniquesAccordin... Read More »

Does throbbing in the area of implants indicate infection in the bone or what is the problem?

AnswerYou will have a throbbing pain, but if it gets way out of hand, then you should see your dentist.