What do white people cook?

Answer bologna sangwiches with mayo on white bread

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What an easy way to cook white rice?

It can't get much easier than this-Combine one cup rice and two cups of water in a saucepot and bring to a boil. Clap a lid on it and turn the heat down to Low. If you’re using a gas stove, thatâ... Read More »

What is a good white wine to cook with?

It really depends on the flavor you wish to achieve. I've pasted a website below that has many recipes using different white wines. As we used to say at the winery I worked in for three years, "Let... Read More »

Why do White people seem to always put soy sauce on white rice?

because we never have any idea to do with food that is not deep fried of artiry clogging

What do people usually cook for dinner ?

my favorite site for newbies to cooking is their front page always features something interesting to cook. All recipes are in step by step format so the newbie cannot get it wro... Read More »