What do websites do with the info they collect about you upon registration?

Answer I'm a webmaster, and I do store some of this information.One of my main reasons is so if there ever is a dispute about who owns the account... Whoever can prove that information is real and theirs ... Read More »

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Info about a mouse what do they need ?

Small turtles make a verygood not smelly tank. You have to clean the tank almost everyother day to whenever the water looks dirty, they only need to eat once a day and ar easy to take care of. Hope... Read More »

Someone called my phone as a prank yet they knew personal info about me...?

I know there are websites where you can change your voice and type in what you want it to say. That happened to me a few years ago, these boys called me and knew everything about me...Turns out it ... Read More »

So where do all the phone info companies go for the info that they sell the people?

No, they don't have the information you want - it's just another spam scam. Anything they can provide you can be found on your own, by Googling and placing a few discrete phone calls, for less money.

Are marijuana websites safe for registration?

On One Hand: OK to ExploreSurfing marijuana sites is generally protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While it is generally against federal and most state laws to use or sell ma... Read More »