What do we use neon for?

Answer Neon is found in the atmosphere. It's in the air we breathe. Neon is used in industry as a refrigerant due to is low boiling point as well as in the sign industry where it is valued for the natur... Read More »

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Does a door from a 2000 dodge neon fit a 2002 neon?

Yes. The Dodge Neon made from model year 2000 through model year 2005 is the second generation Neon, which means that the body remained unchanged during its six-year production run. Unlike the firs... Read More »

What Are the Properties of Neon?

William Ramsay and Morris Travers were certain that an undiscovered element existed that would fill the gap between helium and the other noble gases. In 1898, upon completing an experiment with liq... Read More »

What color is neon?

Neon is colorless in its natural state, but gives off a reddish-orange glow in a vacuum tube. However, you can create other colors when neon is combined with other noble gases like Argon and Xenon.... Read More »

What is neon underglow?

"Neon Under-Glow" has become sort of a catch-all term that covers any sort of indirect lighting system mounted beneath a car. These eye-catching light systems have seen a number of crests and fall... Read More »