How tall are water towers?

Answer The tallest water tower, according to, is in Union, New Jersey. It is 212 feet tall. Most water towers, however, are around 120 feet, which is "the height most sufficie... Read More »

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When were water towers invented?

According to Iowa State University, the first "elevated steel water tank west of the Mississippi River" was built in 1897. Other early water towers can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution,... Read More »

What body of water does the suspension bridge with the two tallest towers to date cross?

As of April 2010, the Millau Bridge in Millau,France is the tallest suspension bridge in the world. It rests on seven pillars and is 1,132 feet tall at its highest point. It crosses the Tarn River.... Read More »

Where are the UHF towers in Massachusetts?

The UHF towers in Massachusetts are a group of transmitting towers built for television stations in the local area. The towers are located in the suburbs of Needham and Newton near Route 128. The t... Read More »

Who invented towers?

Towers weren't invented by any particular person or group but instead developed in many cultures throughout history. Some of the best known examples of early towers are the ziggurats built by a var... Read More »