What do warbler finches eat?

Answer New world warblers, which belong to the same order as finches, eat a variety of foods, depending on the species. Some warblers eat seeds and berries, but the diet of most warblers consists of insec... Read More »

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Can I house zebra finches& spice finches in the same cage?

Finches have individual personalities. While zebra finches are generally too aggressive to live peaceably with spice finches, some unusually docile individuals will adapt to the interspecies relati... Read More »

How to Buy Finches?

How to buy the right finch. Hope you enjoy! ;)

When do finches migrate?

When finches in America migrate, they typically head south for the winter. This stems from an attraction to warmer weather. However, finches already living in warmer areas, like the South, do not m... Read More »

Do finches get along well with other birds?

Most types of finches are social and will not harm other pets. It is best not to house them with more aggressive birds like hookbills, parakeets or lovebirds. Some finches can be territorial, so do... Read More »