What do vitamins do for your body?

Answer Yes, it does make you healthy. But don't drink or take too much, if you take too much, it could make a bad effect instead.

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How to Learn and Understand the Functions of Vitamins in the Body?

This article gives an overview about the various vitamins in the body of humans.

Does the body get energy from vitamins?

On One Hand: No Energy from VitaminsThe body obtains many benefits from vitamins, according to "Biology, Fifth Edition," by Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece and Lawrence G. Mitchell. But the breakdo... Read More »

The ingestion of food for energy and to provide vitamins and minerals the body cannot make for itsself?

What vitamins am I missing out on and what should I do to get the vitamins I need?

I wasn't completely clear on what you meant about "not changing what you are doing right now" meant. I am assuming you mean to say that you don't want to have to eat any differently. If that is t... Read More »