What do veterinarians have to do that involves math?

Answer A veterinarian is responsible for the health and well being of animals, similar to the way that your physician is responsible for your health and well being. Vets can specialize in small animal, la... Read More »

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How to Find a Comic That Involves Math?

Math can be a difficult subject. From basic principles to mind-bending theorems, the subject of math has instilled fear in the hearts of countless school-aged children. Teachers and parents are rou... Read More »

What is something that involves a risk?

ImmigrationJailbreakKidnappingMarriage (making sure he/she is the one)Octopus training (lol idk)Queens (be good in their country or you might get stoned)Tailing (like being too close to another car... Read More »

Need a Twitter user that involves my name!?

Hey!Here are some name:Charlotte_DaisyCharlotte_{Your last name}CharlottebunnyloverCharlotte_Loves_ColorsCharlotte_Cake_StarProtestant_CharlotteNight_Star_CharlotteHere is a helpful link in how to ... Read More »

How to Do a Science Project That Involves Soda?

People love to drink all different kinds of soda. Some common questions that arise about soda are: What makes the fizz in soda? Does drinking soda rot the teeth? Can a person use soda to clean a ca... Read More »