What do vegeterians eat for xmas dinner?

Answer that is a good question- interesting!!I'm not vegan, but have cooked many vegetarian dishes for thanksgiving. They usually involve some sort of pastry as well as cheese - i.e. Mushroom and Leek Phy... Read More »

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Does this sound like a good xmas dinner?

That sounds great. My only suggestion is to alter the dessert selection a little bit. They are too much alike (all rich creamy pudding type). Maybe a pecan pie instead of the chocolate or coconu... Read More »

Nice xmas dinner dessert?

Steak Dinner Fish Dinner Chicken Dinner Or Vegetarian Dinner Which would you prefer better?

Medium rare Fillet Mignon seasoned with sea salt and pepper...with al dente asparagus and seasoned rice.. and of course, red wine ;)

Why do most vegeterians look ill?

Yeah and why do they all work for peta?Why do all white people talk like hank hill?Why do all black people like chicken?Why do all asian people know kung fu?Why do all mexican people steal stuff?Wh... Read More »