What do vegetarians think about carnivorous plants?

Answer umm, i think they are neat. thanks for asking.

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Vegetarians: What did you think about vegetarians before you became a vegetarian?

i thought they were all hippies. now i feel bad for being so stereotypical!

List of Facts About Carnivorous Plants?

Carnivorous plants have fascinated humans for decades. It's difficult to imagine a plant that consumes animals. However, these plants exist on every continent of the planet. They are becoming more ... Read More »

What do you think about vegetarians?

You're not nutty. I'm currently living in a small town in Texas, and while I'm a huge minority in this place, I know my ethical beliefs which match yours.It's a wonderful experience to be a vegeta... Read More »

What do carnivorous plants eat?

Carnivorous plants living in water will eat mosquito larvae, fish fry, daphnia, rotifers (fresh water zooplankton) and other protozoans. Land carnivorous plants will eat insects, arachnids, and sma... Read More »