What do vegetarians feed their pets?

Answer Michael and luke are ignorant. Therefore ignore them.I feed my pets an environmentally friendly meat based food (dogs and cats) the other animals are naturally vegetarian so there is no issue ther... Read More »

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Vegetarians and vegans, do you feed meat to your pets?

yes. to refuse it based on grounds of cruelty is cruelty to your pet in itself.don't feel guilty. it's your pet's diet, not yours.

Why dont vegetarians have a problem with feeding their pets meat?

I'm vegetarian (and used to be a vegan), but I feed my cat meat because he is a carnivore and it would be cruel and unhealthy to deny him his natural diet. I also give him fresh organic chicken & o... Read More »

Veg*ns, what do you feed your pets?

My Husky has been vegan for several years now and is very healthy, in fact more so because he is less of a tubbo. Dogs are well documented for their omnivore like abilities. The oldest lived dog i... Read More »

What do you people feed your pets?

Taste of the Wild cat food. I'm vegan, she's not. She expresses her distaste for my diet by leaving me 'treats' on the back porch to try and change my mind.