What do variables mean?

Answer Variables are one of the more fundamental concepts in computer science. Programmers speak of declaring and initializing variables and assigning values to them. Put simply, variables are references ... Read More »

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What are Linear Equations in Two Variables?

Linear equations are algebraic formulae that can be translated and graphed as a line, provided there is both an X and a Y variable. When this happens it is a linear equation in two variables. While... Read More »

What Are the Variables for Cleaning Pennies?

Over time, pennies can accumulate an ugly layer of grime that negatively affects the beauty of the coin. This grime can be removed with common household items, but exactly what to use, as well as w... Read More »

What Are Dependent, Independent & Controlled Variables?

Dependent and independent variables, and the less well known controlled and extraneous variables, are all used in the study and practice of science, mathematics and statistics. They each have a dif... Read More »

What Are Manipulated Variables in a Science Project?

A science project is a valuable way to get students involved with their lessons. The projects seek to give the students some control over the lesson so they have a sense of ownership. A science pro... Read More »