What do variables mean?

Answer Variables are one of the more fundamental concepts in computer science. Programmers speak of declaring and initializing variables and assigning values to them. Put simply, variables are references ... Read More »

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How to Have Nullable Variables?

In C#, a C-like, simple, general-purpose programming language, variables can be made nullable; it is possible for the value of a variable to be null. For example, for some Boolean queries, particul... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Variables With Exponents?

After learning basic algebra concepts, such as working with variables and working through equations, students will progress on to working with more complicated expressions. One of these concepts ma... Read More »

How to Use SQL Variables in Oracle?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used by database developers to retrieve, update and insert data into databases. PL/SQL, or Programming Language/SQL, augments SQL by providing featur... Read More »

How to Use Variables in Excel?

The Windows spreadsheet program Excel can use functions that refer to specific cell references in the same way that a formal programming uses variables. An example of using a variable in Excel woul... Read More »