What do urugula leaves look like?

Answer A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words For an image that will show you clearly what urugula -- also known as "rocket" -- looks like, see the Related Link.

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What is Urugula?

Urugala is a plant used for salad leaves, some people also call it rocket.

All my leaves are drying up and falling of the new leaves are turning brown under neath the leaf why?

Answersounds like too much water to me. could be too little water or too much sun as well could be a disease ftyujkilop[][pouyfrdsadfyui0op-iuyresedfhop[poiuy

My parsly only grows flowers but i want leaves what are some things i can do to make it grow leaves?

Tips for Dead Leaves on Potted Plants & Brown Spots on Leaves?

Brown-spotted or dead leaves on potted plants can be a sign of several different problems. Environmental damage, a lack of nutrients or even infection can be the causes of such problems whether the... Read More »