What do u think when a waitress/waiter ask"does everything taste allright?

Answer i'm a waitress part time and i can see what exactly you mean. Personally i would never ask that when i do a check back i ask them "hows everything ok" if theres a problem i want my customers to let... Read More »

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Everything I eat today taste awful why?

What do you think about people who think everything is all about them?

I think they have to justify their opinions and behavior at all cost. These are the same people who will call adoptees who dont like some aspects of adoption, "bitter, angry and ungrateful". There... Read More »

What do you think Facebook would taste like if you could eat it?

It would taste like the flesh of thousands of people melded together with an electrical tinge.Best served well-done.

Why is it that when I am hungover, water taste horrible Other times water taste great?

You need to brush your teeth.Merely washing your mouth out with a different taste doesn't clean scum off.