What do u think of the KODAK Z710 camera ?

Answer i just bought it and I LOVE IT it works great and u can edit the photo right on there great camera

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Which one's better, Kodak Easyshare Z710 or Canon Powershot SX 100 IS?

Go with the Canon! Kodak makes good film, not cameras.

If i want to buy a Sd card for my Kodak digital camera,does it have to be a Kodak one?

No, I have a HP digital camera, but have used a different memory card. got mine from here and they are very reasonable. You can look up your make of camera and then it wi... Read More »

Do I need a Kodak memory card for a Kodak camera?

I would recommend getting a Kodak memory card for a Kodak camera, but you don't need to. If the memory card fits and can be used for a camera, I think it should do fine.

I have an 1896 Kodak box camera and would appreciate knowing what the value of that camera would be today?

Hi, I know a guy who could give you a price value on your camera, he is also always in the market for antique & vintage camera's. He is very honest in his price quiot's, give him try. Herry Poster... Read More »