What do u think about dark eyebrows and light hairs?

Answer its beautiful (:

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What do girls think about guys plucking unibrow hairs?

No my boyfriend plucks his some times I do it for him lol.

Men, what do you think about thick eyebrows on women?

For me the more natural a women is the more real she is to me so yes i prefer real normal eyebrows on a woman

We stained a deck & I think it was supposed to be light but turned out dark brown did we do the wrong thing?

Most importantly DON"T FREAK OUT , and don't say anything, if their unhappy you would of known within minutes of them seeing it, if you go quizzing them about the work, you might put doubt in their... Read More »

Do you think laptops should have light up keyboards so that you could surf from bed in the dark.?

you're so hawt when you have smart ideas...