What do u prefer coca-cola or dr.pepper?

Answer Original Dr. Pepper! The one with real cane sugar, not the corn syrup! You can only buy the original Dr. Pepper in around Dublin, Texas or online which is where I buy mine. Expensive but worth ... Read More »

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Which drink do you prefer: Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola?

I´m addicted to Coca Cola, the Best!! If it´s cold,better

What do you prefer: Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Coca cola all the way....I tend to think Pepsi does not have the same amount of "gas" as in Cola, so I always pick cola, cuz I like da GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

What do you prefer, Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Coke by farever heard of the coke 360 degrees thinganywhere you go in a public place you should be able to see something advertised or sold by Coke 360dg around you

What do you prefer Coca-cola or Pepsi?