What do u prefer.. ORkut, Facebook, BigAdda, MInglebox,... or ne other...?

Answer My choice is Hi5 ( I think it's way better than these.

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Which site is better Facebook or Orkut?

Orkut is better in terms of Security and easy of use.

What's the best social network: Orkut, MySpace or FaceBook and why reason?

I would say Facebook. It's a really great place to talk to your friends, chat, post pictures, play games, and send messages! It's a really great place! im telling you! all of my brothers and siters... Read More »

Survey:- how can we delete accounts of yahoo/orkut/Facebook permanently?

for yahoo visit here…for facebook visit here .…for orkut visit here..…

Orkut is blocked in our college computer lab.... pls tell me how to access orkut.....?

Yes you can access orkut still....You can surf any website through a proxy website, there are many on the internet.I'll give you one.... www.hidemyass.comThat will do the job for you bro...take c... Read More »