What do u like da best Apple or windows ?

Answer i like apple way better im never going back to windows linux is good too but basically everything is better than vista

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Windows or Apple Mac?

MS Office on a Mac is the same as on a PC when it comes to what you can do and the file formats. Hence there is nothing really different there.Connecting to a printer seems easier on a Mac so that ... Read More »

What do you think is better Windows or Apple?

Windows, Apple is just like Microsoft, only less successful.I wouldn't use Apple's or Microsoft's latest release...

Apple or Windows?

Apple is percieved as more stable than Windows- certainly its not attacked by virus's, spyware, hackers as much. But this could be because Windows is the dominant systemBut Apple is not as fast - t... Read More »

Which is better: Apple or Windows?

Windows if you like games, crashes, viruses & slowdownsApple Mac OS X if you like stylish design, stability, graphics design and video editing