What do u do when you're really really mad?

Answer i SPAM ON YAHOO ANSWE-jki just force myself to go to sleep but take heavy exercisei do my best to refrain from violent venting :)

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Im vegetarian , Is it really okay to eat meat when im really really hungry during school ?

If you really was a vegetarian who loved animals, you wouldnt want to eat meat! :S Bring in a pack lunch, wait till you get home, have a good breakfast! Your school cant just have rows of meat and ... Read More »

Hi, Does anyone know any really really really really funny videos to watch on youtube?

Charlotte takes a tumble.Kittens, inspired by Kittens!Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

How to grow fingernails really really really really really fast?

You can't. You can give the illusion of longer nails by pushing your cuticles back and applying a french mani or regular polish and leaving the outer edges of your nails (2mm) free of polish, but y... Read More »

What do you do when you feel really really full♥?

Take my dog for a walk to try and get rid of that over stuffed feeling it helps a lot! Sometimes I would rather just lay down but walking is so much better for me!