What do u do when,,,,?

Answer fix yours self up and ask a friend to join you for dinner eather at your place or go out. I love cooking for others, I like going out to. or take nice walk and go window shopping. buy your self som... Read More »

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What is wrong when your butt hurts when and bleeds when you poop?

Its probably haemorrids (i.e. piles). Go to the doc, he'll give you a cream to ease them and probably pills to get rid of them.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when having unprotected sex when you have the Implanon implant fitted I've had it in for two weeks now and I was just curious. When is it safe after gettin it?

Answer There is still a 1% chance in rare cases that you can conceive but the implant should protect you against pregnancy. Yes but what is the chance of this?? Please can someone help!! I had an ... Read More »

What does it mean when you use the bathroom and it burns when you pee and sometimes bleed?

sounds like a urinary tract infection, see a doctor

What do you do when codes show up on iPhone when watching videos?

Well, it depends on your responsibility level. Example. My daughters friend is 10 (the same age as my daughter). She has an Iphone and knows how to take care of it. However, my daughter is not read... Read More »