What do u do if youur 12 years old and your parents dont let you wear make up but everyone else in the would d?

Answer Wait until you're older. If you do it at school behind their backs or throw a fit about it, you'll only be proving how they can't trust you and that you really are as immature at 12 as they think.... Read More »

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If you are fifteen years old and pregnant can your parents or the father's parents make you give the baby up for adoption when it is born?

It's a personal choice, they cannot make you do anything actually. Do what you think is right & don't let everyone elses feelings affect your actions. You are the one, who in the long run, will hav... Read More »

Do parents allow you to wear make-up I may only wear clear lip gloss !?

You explain that they have sunblock in them to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays & that it is only to protect your skin from damage and your life cause of skin cancer dangers and all ;)

What would yo do if you had 3 bedwetting accidents and your aunt made you wear a baby's diaper to bed last night and said you were going to wear one again tonight I dont want to wear the diapers?

Obviously you're old enough to write about this, so I would strongly suggest you go to your aunt and ask to be taken to a doctor. This could be a medical problem you have no control over. Humiliati... Read More »

Im 13 and i dont wear make -up to school?

i dont think wearing makeup is going to make you center of attention? i started wearing makeup around this age, but just mascara, a little bit of foundation and clear lip gloss.....thats all someon... Read More »