What do u call the tooth that sticks out in your gums?

Answer If I am understanding you correctly, I believe this is called an impacted tooth.

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What would cause a new tooth to break out of your gums if you have had your wisdom teeth taken out already and are 26?

if you have another tooth pushing it out , and it the tooth is comming from a different spot. Answer It might be a surnumerary tooth - an extra wisdom tooth. But this should have been seen on a pan... Read More »

Why would a child have tooth or bone growths on his gums that fall off and leave a bad taste?

Answer Has he had any x-rays done? The only thing I can think of is an abcess, which is a pus-filled growth on the gums indicating an infection. When these pop, they leave a bad taste because the... Read More »

I have a tooth pulled and my gums are hurting can I use lidocaine oral that has been expired for 6 years?

Don't use anything like that on an open wound, even if it isn't expired.Ibuprofen (Advil) is good. An ice pack is even better, and will help reduce swelling, too.

What could explain a small sharp bone or tooth piercing out of one side of your gums after wisdom teeth removal and what should be done?

Answer Go back to your dentist.That is good advice. Here is what is most likely happening: After a tooth is removed, sometimes small fragments or slivers of bone will break off from the remaining s... Read More »