What do u call the tooth that sticks out in your gums?

Answer If I am understanding you correctly, I believe this is called an impacted tooth.

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If you had an abscessed tooth removed but you still have swelling and pain where the tooth used to be could the infection still be in the jaw or gums?

Answer That depends on how recently you had the tooth removed. If it was a few days ago, some swelling and pain are normal. But if it's been a week or more, that's not good. Yes, the infection co... Read More »

A piece of tooth is still in my gums (please answer)?

If it's a tooth or bone chip, the gums will generally push it out . However it may be part of your actual jaw bone. If you are worried about it, call the dentist and ask if he can take a look at i... Read More »

When gums have bacteria in them can it cause tooth pain?

Get a dental appointment. Even where I live a person can get dental treatment and pay like 10-20 dollars. Call today, because there is usually a wait. Meanwhile, use the gold Listerine and ... Read More »

What would cause a new tooth to break out of your gums if you have had your wisdom teeth taken out already and are 26?

if you have another tooth pushing it out , and it the tooth is comming from a different spot. Answer It might be a surnumerary tooth - an extra wisdom tooth. But this should have been seen on a pan... Read More »