What do train whistles mean?

Answer Every whistle from a train relays a message. Whistles provide a way for the engine crew to "talk" to the conductor and to you. One of the most important safety features of the train, railroad whist... Read More »

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Why are train whistles so loud?

You ar right in one respect, lights and gates SHOULD be enough, but they arent. If you have ever looked in the eyes of a passenger of a car crossing directly in front of your locomotive and see th... Read More »

If walking inside a train while it's moving, does that mean your going faster than the train?

Yes that is true...just imagine riding a bike off the front of a moving train, you would definitely be in front of the train, at least for a brief moment until gravity slowed you down and the power... Read More »

What is the tune James Nesbitt whistles in Jekyll and where can you download it?

The tune James Nesbitt whistles as Hyde in the BBC series "Jekyll" is the tune of an old Nursery Rhyme called, "Girls and Boys Come Out to Play" (sometimes called "Boys and Girls Come Out to Play".... Read More »

How to Make Wood Whistles?

A wood whistle is made from a small piece of wood that is hollowed out. Some adults may remember making this type of whistle as a child. Making a wood whistle is a project suitable for Cub Scouts. ... Read More »