What do to with my class of 18-24 month olds!?

Answer Hmmm. I would say fingerpainting, but that's very messy with a bunch of kids. You could get a bunch of athletic socks, stretch them over the inserts that come in nylons or wine boxes and let them m... Read More »

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Games for Ten Month Olds?

Ten-month-old babies are able to sit comfortably without assistance, will begin crawling on their own and are very interested in the goings-on around them. Simple games help babies develop gross mo... Read More »

How to Teach a Class of Two-Year-Olds?

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Black History Month Activities for Three to Four Year Olds?

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Help! I am starting a new job on Monday at a daycare center. Has anyone here worked with 18 month olds?

Well first thing is you need to stay calm esp since the kids will sense this and will shy away from you.I have worked with all ages from 4 months to 4 years.They are all very different.Every routin... Read More »