What do tire ratings mean?

Answer Car tire ratings stamped on the sidewall of a tire give information about the tire's specifications, including its width, the rim size it should fit, how much pressure it should be inflated to, how... Read More »

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What do the different tire ratings mean?

Knowing how to decode the alphabet soup tire ratings can make a crucial difference in your car's performance and safety. Those numbers and letters carry vital information about the tire's grip, ca... Read More »

What does the l mean in tv ratings?

What do denier ratings mean?

That pretty little thing that is just the faintest shade of blue, or that comfy sweatshirt you love to wear on the weekends, before these became your closet favorites they were first one big ball o... Read More »

What Do Arbitron Ratings Mean?

Arbitron ratings tell media producers, networks and the public how many listeners tune into particular radio programs at specific intervals. The company also analyzes the buying habits of those lis... Read More »