Do college registrars have the names of all of those that graduated from each program?

Answer A college registrar's office has records for all students and the programs from which they have graduated. This office is the official record holder for the college. However, information is not giv... Read More »

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What did it mean to those who opposed to slavery?

Confederacy. (Confederates when referring to individuals)

Mine doesn't look like a beaver or a cat, or any other woodland creature, so why do you call it those names?

You obviously haven't extended your field of research to the eastern bloc countries. Back in 1350 the Romanian poet Vlad Basarab first coined the term "hairy animal" or "din păr de animale" in his... Read More »

Are those ladies with ttc in their names just bragging that they are getting some?

They aren't getting anything good. Think about it....scripted positions, no toys...sounds like a chore to me! It's those of us that don't have TTC in our titles that screams...MY SEX WAS SO GOOD ... Read More »

What do each of those colored jelly bracelets mean?

Supposedly they mean that you are willing to perform different sexual acts. However, this is not why 90% of the people wear them, and the other 10% do just because they think it's funny.