What do they really do in the FACEBOOK offices?

Answer NO. ITS... reaLy we know that how secure facebook is.this just because that pesOn..:P

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Why did the owners of Wikipedia direct their mail to offices they did not occupy for three years?

It looks spooky (like everything else fishy that the Wikimedia Foundation does), but in this case, Eddie, it's nothing more than realizing that they created a template for their address:{{Foundatio... Read More »

Really big bug bites they look like they could be mosquito but they are much bigger I have 5 of them?

If i send Messages to my facebook contacts are they gonna show on my facebook account?

No it's not gonna show up in your Timeline

With facebook sign up they ask for my email password should I put it in and why do they want it?

If they ask for you password they want to import your address book to find any of your friends from your address book to see if they are listed on facebook. They are not going to send out any emai... Read More »