What do they mean by "cloud computing"?

Answer Cloud computing is when a company stores customer and other information on the Internet rather than in their own hard drives.

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What is a cloud computing laptop?

This is a central laptop that acts as the sole access point to the computing needs of a network or a consumer's needs. This is usually a powerful laptop with multi-core processors and cloud-specifi... Read More »

What is the difference between Cloud Computing and Software as a Service?

As I understand it, you are talking about two things that are totally unrelated to each other, other than the fact they both use computers in business. Software as a Service is a paradigm of softwa... Read More »

How cloud computing came in india?

According to IDC, India is facing an information explosion with digital data growing from 40.000 petabytes in 2010 to 2.3-million petabytes in 2020 – with the cloud in the middle as Indian compan... Read More »

How to Stay Safe While Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the new buzzword. It's hip, it's "cool", it has many advantages, cost benefits, flexibility and might even lead to a truly paperless future. True. But there are risks as well. He... Read More »