What do they jelly fillings in birthday cakes taste like?

Answer yum!!!!!!! unless they fill it with too much :/

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Can you name 3 cakes that u like for your Birthday?

Ice cream cake (from Carvel), Cheese cake, and red velvet cake :)Ooh, cake. I really need some right now :|

I got silver fillings the other day. I don't like them and want to change to white fillings. Options?

You could go back and pay them to replace with white fillings. Of course, white fillings are strictly inferior in back teeth because they are not as strong and leak (causing more cavities).

What causes fillings in teeth to suddenly taste metallic?

decay can have a metallic taste as can infection, I wouldn't panic but I would get it checked out properly as soon as you can.

Why do cake shows like cake boss claim they make cakes when they use 50% fondant?

If you think Cake Boss uses a lot of fondant, try watching Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman on the Food Network sometime. I don't really know why they use so much fondant, but my opinion is well, jus... Read More »