When you get a root canal do they prescribed you pain meds?

Answer Most likely a drug such as ibupropen or naproxen as the most pain you will have after the procedure will be inflammation if the therapy is done properly. Granted the inflammation especially if it i... Read More »

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What type of shot do they use for a root canal?

For the shot the will use the same as a filling, which is novocain. If you want you could also ask for "laughy gas" along with the novocain, which will make you very calm.

Please help me... they said they will have to do Root Canal Surgery to me...?

Awww Queen Lucy I can understand your fear, I can relate because I was afraid to go and get my 4 wisdom teeth pulled but if I can do it than anyone can. They give you some injections to make the ar... Read More »

What would they give u for a root canal, if u can't take Lidocaine?

Citnest. It another type of local, which doesnt contain adreneline.

How do you find a good endodontic if you need an apicoectomy apical surgery on tooth number 4 and that tooth has had a root canal plus you had the root canal re-done and the gum is sore?

Answer To find a good endodontist, it's best to consult your dentist and he or she can refer you.