What do they do to fix a chipped tooth?

Answer If extremely small it can just be smoothed.If small, it can be filled with a bonded filling.If large, it will have to be restored with a crown. Get to the dentist to have him take a look.

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How to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Suffering from a chipped tooth can be both a painful and upsetting experience. Although teeth are strong, breaks in the teeth can occur after a trauma, such as getting hit in the face or biting dow... Read More »

I chipped my front tooth?

The way that they will fix it depends on how severe the chip is. If the chip isn't massive - they can fix it quickly. I'm pretty sure that they would get this done before your braces go on. Make su... Read More »

A part of my tooth chipped off!?

What do you do for a loose tooth that has been chipped?

Answer If the tooth was loose due to impact, you should seek a dentist. They may be able to fix it. For the chip, the dentist can also repair that. I had a similar experience where I fell, and c... Read More »