What do they do at nationwide credit corporation?

Answer Established in 1967, Nationwide Credit Corporation provides collections services for companies with overdue invoices. This company collects amounts owed from overdue accounts, while preserving vend... Read More »

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LLC Corporation Advantages & Credit?

Limited liability companies are a form of business venture that allows owners to enjoy some of the tax benefits of corporations with the flexibility of partnerships. This type of company has many a... Read More »

Who is the Wilshire Credit Corporation in Beaverton, Oregon?

Wilshire Credit Corporation was a mortgage servicing company based in Beaverton, Oregon that opened in 1987. On March 2, 2010, the IBM Corporation purchased the operating assets of Wilshire Credit ... Read More »

The Effect of Corporation Bankruptcy on Personal Credit?

If you established a corporation for your business venture, you may reach a point at which you face serious financial problems. You may conclude that the best course of action is to file for a comm... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Forming a Corporation and a Corporate Business Credit for My Business?

A corporation is a separate and distinct legal entity with all the legal rights of a person. Corporations can enter into contracts, sue and be sued, purchase and own property. A corporation can use... Read More »