What do these symptoms mean Please, help!?

Answer Seriously your Cardiologist is not doing you any favoours leaving you in the dark that this .....I would consider seeing anothe Cardiologist for a second opinion as these symptoms are not good.

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PLEASE HELP ! Why do I have these symptoms?

All your symptoms could be due to either diabetes or dehydration, most likely dehydration. Drink lots of water in a day, if that doesnt help then get a diabetes check done....

Are these symptoms of a heart attack Please help?

Repeatedly having a pain is obviously not a neart attack - you'd be having multiple heart attacks and you'd be dead.Anxiety, muscle strain, asthma or acid reflux. Take your pick.

I think I may have Swaginitus, look at these symptoms and help, please?

Lol. U definitely got swaginitus. Don't worry about but if it does seem to get a bit out of control , ask ur doctor bout it or parents

What do these symptoms mean?

I would think most of the symptoms relate to either getting your period or being pregnant. They seem to indicate different hormone levels.