What do the word defiance mean?

Answer Katherine and Ida McKinley.

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What are antonyms for the word defiance?

Subordination, acquiescence, regard, obedience, respect, submission...

What does small child being defiance in school mean?

These look like little warts, with hard white hard stuff in the middle, I think that you can compare it to a skin tag. These warts are more uncomfortable then they are harmful.

What is defiance?

-noun1.a daring or bold resistance to authority or to any opposing disregard; contempt (often fol. by of): defiance of danger; His refusal amounted to defiance.3.a challenge to meet in... Read More »

What is the definition for defiance?

Pediatrics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pediatrics (also spelled paediatrics) is the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. The upper age l... Read More »