What do the taxes the IRS collects get used for?

Answer The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, collects taxes once a year. This can be stressful on individuals as well as whole families, putting a dent in their finances.Protective ServicesA big use for t... Read More »

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Who collects property taxes?

In most counties, it is the county treasurer who collects property taxes. Property taxes are levied on real estate based on the property's appraisal. Such funds are generally earmarked for such thi... Read More »

Who collects state taxes?

State taxes are collected by individual state departments established for that purpose. In some states, this department is called the Department of Revenue; in others states, such as California, th... Read More »

Which branch of government collects taxes?

The executive branch. The United States Department of the Treasury falls under this branch, and the Internal Revenue Service (which administers and enforces the tax collection statutes) is aligned ... Read More »

What is the name for a person who collects stamps?

Stamp collectors are called "philatelists" ( (fl-LAT-uh-lists), and the study of stamps is called philately. The term "philatelist" comes from two Greek words--"philos" and "atelia"--and means "one... Read More »