What do the symbols on a plastic bottle mean?

Answer In 1988, the Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. introduced a numerical coding system for plastics that tells consumers the type of plastic used in the container. These numbers, ranging from 1 to... Read More »

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What does p mean on a plastic bottle?

The "p" followed by another letter indicates where a bottle can be recycled. According to the American Chemistry Council, PP stands for polypropylene, commonly used in plastic bottles. When recycle... Read More »

What does the PETE number mean on a plastic bottle?

According to Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc. of the Stanford Recycling Center, the number stamped on the bottom of plastic containers seen inside a triangular recycling symbol identifies the type o... Read More »

I put some hot water in a plastic bottle and my bottle shrank is there anyway that I could I shrink it?

What has happened is that your bottle has collapsed, because your putting hot liquid in it and then putting on a lid created a vacuum. This has been demonstrated millions of times in junior high sc... Read More »

What can you make out of a plastic bottle?

There are numerous things that can be made from a plastic bottle, specifically 2-liter soda bottles. But in some cases smaller water or soda bottles can be used to make crafts or items you can use ... Read More »