What do the stripes represent on the U.S. flag?

Answer The stripes on the United States flag represent the original colonies: one stripe per colony. The 13 alternating stripes comprise seven red and six white. Red symbolizes valor, and white symbolizes... Read More »

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What do the colors on the american flag represent?

In 1776, Boston seamstress Betsy Ross produced the first American flag. A year later, the Continental Congress officially adopted the flag, declaring "that the flag of the United States be thirteen... Read More »

What Do the Stars & Colors on the African-American Flag Represent?

The African-American flag, sometimes referred to as the Pan-African or UNIA flag, represents the African countries and the African people. Designed by Marcus Garvey, the flag is a symbol for pride ... Read More »

What did the original red&white stripes on a barber pole represent?

The red and white stripes on a barber pole are representative of the practice of bloodletting, which was often performed by barbers. The white stripe of the pole is representative of a clean bandag... Read More »

What do the stripes on the U.S. flag stand for?

The 13 stripes on the American flag represent the original 13 colonies: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, R... Read More »