What do the stars symbolize on the u.s. flag?

Answer Most people know the basics of what the stars on the U.S. flag mean. They carry additional symbolic meaning, however, which delves deeper into the heraldry of the flag.The StatesOn the most basic l... Read More »

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What do the colors of the U.S. flag symbolize?

The colors of the flags of many countries have a particular meaning, often with great significance to the peoples of a nation. The American flag's red, white and blue has made it among the most rec... Read More »

What does the flag of England symbolize?

England's flag, known as the Union Jack, also represents the United Kingdom. The blue, white, and red crosses symbolize the three sovereign nations of the U.K.: England and Wales, (Northern) Irelan... Read More »

What does the Argentina flag symbolize?

The light blue bars on Argentina's flag and the white bar in between symbolize the blue skies and snow of the Andes Mountains. The sun in the flag's center represents the sun shining during the cou... Read More »

What did the magnolia tree flag symbolize?

The historic Magnolia Flag was the official state flag of Mississippi for 33 years. Magnolia trees are so common throughout Mississippi's landscape that they've long been considered a symbol of sta... Read More »