What do the stars on the United States flag mean?

Answer Every color and symbol on the American flag has meaning. The 50 stars represent the 50 states. Each star is white, which symbolizes purity and innocence. The blue background behind the stars repres... Read More »

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How many stars were on the United States flag in 1900?

There were 45 stars on the United States Flag in 1900. This edition of the flag was made official on July 4, 1896, upon the addition of Utah. An additional star was added 12 years later, with the a... Read More »

How many red stripes are on the United States flag?

The United States flag has seven red stripes and six white stripes on it. The red stripes symbolize hardiness and valor and the total of 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies.Source:USA Fla... Read More »

Who is said to have made the United States flag?

It is commonly believed that Betsy Ross made the first U.S. flag, because her descendants wrote a book making the claim. However, there is significant historical evidence that Francis Hopkinson was... Read More »

What does the folding of the United States flag mean?

There is no mention of the meaning of flag folding in the U.S. Flag Code, but the flag folding ceremony performed by the armed forces has 12 tributes and symbols. The first two folds are symbolic o... Read More »