What do stars&stripes mean?

Answer You've probably heard of the "Star-Spangled Banner." Not only is it the national anthem of the United States, it is also a nickname for their flag. The flag is also sometimes referred to as "Old Gl... Read More »

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What do the stars mean on a SkyCaddie?

The SkyCaddie is a Global Positioning System for golfers. SkyCourses are golf courses published and accessed on SkyCaddie's website. A 4-star course is fully mapped with 40 targets per hole and gra... Read More »

What do the stars and stripes mean on the U.S. flag?

There are a number of views as to what the stars and stripes mean on the U.S. flag. The meanings of the colors of the flag are different now than they were when the flag was designed in the 1700s.D... Read More »

What Do the the Stars on the Military Flags Mean?

Stars of various colors are displayed on flags by the families of those serving in the military, with the stars denoting different things depending on the color of the star. The official design of ... Read More »

What do the stars on the Confederate flag mean?

The thirteen stars on the Confederate flag represent each of the eleven states that seceded from the United States during the Civil War, plus Kentucky and Missouri. Kentucky and Missouri never off... Read More »