What do the star ratings mean for hotels?

Answer Most travel guides and hotel reviews use the star system, which awards stars to hotels based on different criteria. There is no standardized meaning to the star system, and they can mean different ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between 5 Star & 5 Diamond Ratings?

When it comes to traveling and booking accommodations, finding a suitable hotel can be more efficient when you take into consideration the ratings. However, there are two rating systems that are cr... Read More »

Types of Hotel Ratings Other Than the Star Rating?

Hotels are usually rated with a star system, which takes into account their amenities and levels of service. The higher the star rating, the better the quality of hotel. However, many hotels and ho... Read More »

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AAA 5-Star Hotels in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is in southern Nevada, 20 miles west of the Lake Meade National Recreation Area and accessible by car from Interstate 15. Visitors to Las Vegas enjoy casino gambling, world-class shows an... Read More »