What do the small lines marked on a meter stick represent?

Answer The smallest lines on a typical meter stick represent millimeters, while the next-smallest lines represent centimeters. A meter stick that contains millimeter measurements will have 1,000 millimete... Read More »

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Is a meter stick the same as a yard stick?

A yardstick and a meter stick are not the same, since they are based on different measurements. A yardstick measures exactly 36 inches long. A meter stick is slightly longer, measuring 39.37 inches... Read More »

Is a yard stick or a meter stick longer?

A yardstick is three feet, or 36 inches, in length, while a meterstick is 39.37 inches long. Yardstick measurements are typically shown in inches and fractions of an inch, while metersticks are bro... Read More »

What do contour lines represent on a topographic map?

Contour lines connect adjacent points of the same elevation on a topographic map. The change in elevation between contour lines is given by the contour interval, shown in the map’s margin. When i... Read More »

What is a meter stick?

A meter stick is a flat ruler, typically made of wood, that is exactly one meter long. It has a metric side graduated in millimeters and numbered in centimeters and may have an English measurement ... Read More »