What do the secret service and social security have in common?

Answer Uniformed Division officers are generally hired at the LE-1 grade levels with a starting 2009 starting salary of $50,787. Fopr further information see the below link:

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Is the US Secret Service part of Homeland Security?

Are service dogs covered by Social Security?

Statewide divisions of Social Security provide financial assistance in the care of service animals. In California, the Assistance Dog Special Allowance (ADSA) Program pays to eligible dog owners a ... Read More »

How much is the technical security division US secret service coin worth?

Where can I obtain US military service records without a social security number?

First search on They have many WWII and earlier records. Depending on how common the name, you'll need person's name, birth date, birth place, and residence before service.If person i... Read More »